Sunday, September 4, 2011

Civil War Forts

Trevor went to see some historical sites from the Civil War that are near the city.

First, he stopped by Fort Foote, just south of DC on the Potomac river. The fort was used to protect the city from attack by the river.

The Fort had two giant Rodman guns that could shoot 400 pound (180 kg) cannonballs several kilometers down the river.

Fort Foote was not used much after the Civil War ended, and the walls are mostly rubble now.

Lots of forts were built around the city during the war, so Trevor went just a few miles south of Fort Foote to see Fort Washington, which is in much better condition.

Fort Washington was originally built in 1809 and called Fort Warburton, but it was destroyed during the War of 1812. It was rebuilt as Fort Washington in 1824, and was manned by the military until the end of WWII.
Entering the gate at Fort Washington....

The gate has heavy doors that close with a big wheel.

Trevor checks out the guard room next to the gate. Those mattresses don't look too comfy...

Looking out over the Potomac from the top of the Fort. This is where cannons could attack forces coming up the river.

There were lots of different cannons at the fort. This cannon is shiny!

And this cannon is big, but no where near as big as the Rodman guns at Fort Foote!

At the tip of the Fort is a small lighthouse to warn boats on the river.

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