Saturday, July 30, 2011

Goddard Space Flight Center

Today Trevor visited the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center!

First he discovered that he is not conductive...

Then he got to pilot a module,

but he needed some help to reach the controls.

This model of a space shuttle with the Hubble is almost the right size for him though!

Then he went out to the rocket garden, where he sat on a big engine....

...and a replica of an Apollo capsule.

There were also some real rockets on display.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Trevor went to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to see the flowering lotus and water lilies.

The man-made ponds are full of tropical and hardy lilies.

Trevor could hang out on these giant Victoria lily pads.

A tiny turtle is sunning himself in this pond.

It is super humid, so Trevor takes a break on a small bridge.

Then he checks out the Marsh trail - the marsh is at low tide, very muddy!

At the end of the trail, Trevor can see the Anacostia river, with the Amtrak train bridge into DC.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trevor goes to Washington

Trevor took the metro downtown to the National Mall. He was happy to ride in his bag, as there is a lot of walking!

The Supreme Court building! Not much going on on Sunday.

The White House, from the Ellipse.

Inside the Palm House of the U.S. Botanic Garden - cool and misty!

Trevor was afraid of these carnivorous pitcher plants at the Botanic Garden until he learned that they only eat insects.

A 'secret' sculpture at the Hirshhorn museum - it looks like a bundle of sticks until you stand underneath and look up!

Typewriter Eraser Size X at the National Sculpture Garden - happily it is bolted down and not rampaging around the Mall.

Trip to Wheaton

On Saturday, Trevor went on a short trip to nearby Wheaton, MD.

He stopped by G Street Fabrics first (priorities!).

And also the Wheaton Book Sale, where he picked out some books to read next week.

Then he visited Brookside Gardens and the summer butterfly exhibit. He saw caterpillars and newly hatched butterflies.

These butterflies like to eat rotting fruit. Yum.

Then he went outside into the gardens, where he found some black-eyed susans, the Maryland state flower.

He walked to the pond, where he saw turtles and a heron from the Japanese lakehouse.


Last weekend, Trevor went to a crafting meetup for re-enactors!

He learned how to make trim by tablet weaving.

Then he helped sew the trim onto a Viking tunic!

He helped out with the woad and indigo dye vats, but had to be careful not to fall in himself.

Trevor also rolled out the backing for a big felted rug. He is going to pick a design to decorate the front of the rug.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Laurel, MD

This weekend, Trevor headed up the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to Laurel, Maryland. He first stopped at the Patuxent Research Refuge.

From the Visitor Center, he used the viewing scope to check out wildlife at Cash Lake.

Then he went on a hike around Cash Lake trail. He didn't have a hat, but most of the trail is through the woods.

Trevor climbs over a fallen tree...

..and finds a giant mushroom.

Near the end, part of the path goes across floating boardwalks on the lake.

On his hike, Trevor say great blue heron, an osprey, a muskrat, and a deer.

After finishing his hike, Trevor headed up to the National Security Agency. Near the NSA is Vigilance Park, which has aircraft on display to commemorate military personnel who served in in aerial reconnaissance. Trevor had his picture taken near a Hercules C-130 transport.

Then he headed over to the National Cryptologic Museum next door. He saw exhibits on the history of code-breaking, and got to investigate an old Cray supercomputer previously used at the NSA.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Trevor Green Visits America!

Trevor Green, world traveling bear, is spending the summer near Washington D.C.!

He has arrived in verdant Greenbelt and is planning his adventures for the next three months.