Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Laurel, MD

This weekend, Trevor headed up the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to Laurel, Maryland. He first stopped at the Patuxent Research Refuge.

From the Visitor Center, he used the viewing scope to check out wildlife at Cash Lake.

Then he went on a hike around Cash Lake trail. He didn't have a hat, but most of the trail is through the woods.

Trevor climbs over a fallen tree...

..and finds a giant mushroom.

Near the end, part of the path goes across floating boardwalks on the lake.

On his hike, Trevor say great blue heron, an osprey, a muskrat, and a deer.

After finishing his hike, Trevor headed up to the National Security Agency. Near the NSA is Vigilance Park, which has aircraft on display to commemorate military personnel who served in in aerial reconnaissance. Trevor had his picture taken near a Hercules C-130 transport.

Then he headed over to the National Cryptologic Museum next door. He saw exhibits on the history of code-breaking, and got to investigate an old Cray supercomputer previously used at the NSA.

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