Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greenbelt National Park

Trevor headed across the street on Saturday morning to check out Greenbelt National Park. First he went to the ranger station to stamp his passport. There was a bonus, and he got to stamp for the B-W Parkway as well - he took the Parkway to go to Hobby Lobby the other weekend.

Then he went to the Dogwood Trail for a short hike.

This big sign has a warning about ticks, but a nice ranger gave Trevor some insect repellant to wear. Trevor didn't want to risk getting quarantined on his way home if he caught Lyme disease!

A mysterious marker along the trail...

Trevor takes a break on a handy bench.

Red tree blazes help mark the correct trail. Trevor did not want to end up getting lost like in Blair Witch Project, which was filmed nearby.

It started pouring rain as soon as Trevor got home, so he had to put off visiting the rest of Greenbelt until later.

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